Sunday, September 25, 2005

Raleigh Neighborhood Grants

Here’s the info about neighborhood improvement grants:

These are MATCHING grants – city dollar matches neighborhood dollar or labor hours.  They’re for funding of physical or social plans, but they seem better suited to bigger projects.

EANA September Dinner Meeting

We had a very fun dinner at Jerry and Mary’s house – the best burger I’ve had in a long time.  It was very cool to see that a picnic like this could happen on a street like ours.  It’s good to remember that we have neighbors.

After dinner, we came inside for a presentation from Officer Barbie Upchurch establishing a community watch program.  Following are some highlights:

  • We received a handout listing steps for arranging a community watch, including signs for the neighborhood.

  • Barbie read a list of the police calls over the last 6 months – the number was very few and mostly minor.  Many of them are 911 hang-up calls (accidental calls) and false home alarms.  If you accidentally call 911, hang up and wait for 911 to call you back.

  • Neighbors need to have a vested interest in each other – get to know who’s on either side of your house.  Try to bring your next door neighbors to the next meeting.

  • Community watch with have a chair and a block-captain.  Chair will be the liaison to the police.

  • It’s important to call the police if you see anything suspicious.  911 is the same as calling the non-emergency number.  

  • Call inspections department for appearance issues, such as abandoned cars and lawns that need to be mowed.

  • Home safety – make house look lived in, use outside lights.  Make sure house # is visible on mailbox.

  • Barbie suggested we schedule a personal safety / home safety talk before Christmas – Jerry will arrange this.

After Barbie left:
  • We reviewed her comments.  Julie was thankful that the crime calls were so few.  She thinks it’s because we have started meeting together as a group.

  • We placed an order for several “community watch” signs.  Andy will find out about grants to pay for the signs.

  • John suggested getting the speed limit lowered to 25mph.

  • Andy to call landlord Dennis and Lee and Weaver about rental / construction concerns.

Next meeting is November 16 at 7:30 at 1717.