Wednesday, November 16, 2005

EANA Meeting - postponed

Dear Neighbors:

Maybe it’s the time of year, or maybe it’s just the way this whole year has been flying by -- after consulting with a couple neighbors, I recommend we postpone this week’s EANA meeting. Personally, my month has been a little overloaded, and I’ve heard the same from others. I recommend instead that we plan some simple December event and come together, renewed, for a formal meeting in January.

A few updates:

  • Last month, we talked about neighborhood watch signs and looking into grants from the city. Matching grants are available, but these are primarily for larger projects. The cost of the signs is reasonable, and I recommend that we cover the cost ourselves.
  • Officer Barbie Upchurch plans to return to give us a home safety presentation. We’ll try to arrange that for our January meeting.
  • Much construction is underway on our street. Please be aware of what’s going on, introduce yourselves to the owners, and report back here so that we can all be more informed.
  • The “covenants” idea is still out there, but the committee has a lot of writing to do. Sorry for the delays.

    Thanks all for your understanding. Please feel free to notify me of any concerns, or if you know of any reason we need to meet as a group.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, and we’ll hope see you on our street.

    Andy Osterlund
    1717 Evergreen
    EANA president