Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Highlights from the SWCAC meeting on 6/13/2005 - by JERRY

  • If you're interested in viewing updates on SW District plan, go to:
  • Summer concert series @ Lk.Wheeler on June 18,25th @ 7pm.
  • City of Raleigh is recycling in downtown Raleigh using 15k from State grant monies.
  • Regarding curbside collection of garbage, beginning July 1,2005, COR will implement automated wasted trucks with 1 man crew. Be sure to have 5'clearance from obstructions; ie, cars, mailboxes,etc. Don't place overflow on top of container. There will be flyers coming the week before implemetation explaining all the particulars.
  • Let's encourage our neighbors to recycle.
  • The Raleigh Police have a special services unit set up in our district (26) working on drug and gang complaints, etc. Spontaneous traffic check points have resulted in over 100 arrests by SSU.
  • I did submit the property owners names from EANA to Mary Pate which should get all on the newsletter from SWCAC.