Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We had a good turnout for our meeting tonight. We were honored to even have L.D.Saferight join us to add his comments and support. Note that Mrs. Saferight is in poor health. Here’s a summary of tonight’s conversation:

- Award medals were distributed to the winners of this summer’s vote. The only winner not present at tonight’s meeting was Angela (1712) who won “Best Landscaping.” Julie (1701) gave a heartfelt acceptance speech as “Best Neighbor” about liking us as much as we liked her.

- We reviewed a crime update, as reported today from Officer Barbie Upchurch:
-- Two arrests were made in a drug-bust at 1923 on October 28. No other illegal activity has been reported at that property since the arrests
-- There have been multiple complaints of stray animals and noise. There were two repossessions.
-- There was a sexual offense at 1811. (I couldn’t get any more information on that.)
-- Office Upchurch recommended watching out for cars and foot traffic going in and out of a property repeatedly. Keep a log of cars and license numbers, and report suspicious activity to the police.

- Jerry (2004) showed us the two neighborhood watch street signs and handed out neighborhood watch window stickers. Jerry and Daniel (1901) will notify the neighbors about when they plan to install the street signs so that we can help as needed. Jerry will distribute the remaining window stickers.

- John (1801) motioned that we reduce the speed limit on Evergreen to 25mph. The speed limit is currently 35mph. Daniel (1901) seconded, and the vote was unanimous. Julie and Daniel will be going door-to-door with a petition to reduce the speed limit. The petition needs to be signed by ¾ of the residents to be passed.

- Treasurer’s report: $40 was deposited after the last meeting. $46 was paid to Jerry for the neighborhood watch signs. Our account balance is $74.

- We discussed a “welcome new neighbor” committee. Julie (1701) opposed the suggestion of buying gifts, but recommended that we meet new neighbors as they come in. Neighbors are to email this group-list to announce new neighbors so we can schedule a time to meet them.

- We discussed the evergreen covenant draft. We agreed that it appears too vague and that we need more professional input. Jerry (2004) will show the draft to some realtor and attorney friends for comment. The goal of the covenant is to express our commitment to our street with hopes of improving conditions and property values.

- Our next meeting is January 17, 2007 at 7pm.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Update on last week's EANA meeting - 9/27/2006

We had a small, but productive crowd at our bi-monthly neighborhood meeting last week. I definitely understand how busy the start of fall can be, and I look forward to seeing more of you at our next meeting in November. Here’s a quick summary:

- Congratulations to the winners of our neighborhood contest – your medals are in fabrication now as we speak. Angela (1712) won Best Landscaping; Jerry and Mary (2004) won Best Maintained; Daniel and crew (1901) won Most Improved; and Julie (1701) won Best Neighbor. Each of these rewards were landslide votes and well deserved. Most Improved had some competition with Jim (1814) and Stanley (1808) taking honorable mention.

- Our VP was not present, so we had no update on the neighborhood watch signs.
We discussed forming a Neighborhood Welcome committee for welcoming new owners.
We had an update on neighborhood development. Lee and Weaver have (4) houses under construction now at the end of the street: two one-story, two two-story, one already sold, plans to be done by year end. 1808 appears to be finished and occupied. No progress on 1604 (see below.)

- We reviewed and approved a complaint letter to be sent to the owners at 1604 and copied to the city, regarding dangerous and unsightly conditions. This letter has been sent.

- We reviewed a draft of a general legal Covenant for Evergreen Avenue. That draft will be emailed to you for review and comment this month. The attitude toward the draft was positive.

- Daniel (1901) was nominated and elected treasurer. We have $110 in our EANA account.

- We discussed establishing a 25mph speed limit on Evergreen. This will require a petition signed by ¾ of the residents on our street, submitted to the City.

- We discussed sharing email addresses and phone numbers for better communication.

- Next meeting is November 22.

Thanks again for all your involvement this year. We talked again about all the progress we’ve seen on our street in just these past couple years.

See you on the street.

Andy Osterlund

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Code Enforcement - Online Complaint Form

Daniel (1901) pointed out this very helpful online form on Raleigh's website for reporting any kind of inspections violations. You can get to the form HERE.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lineberry Watermelon Social Invitation

Evergreen Avenue has been cordially invited to a Watermelon Social held by Pleasant Ridge & Ramsgate Community Watch and the Lineberry Alliance. The event is August 1, 2006, from 7-9, at the corner of Balboa & Lawrence (on the other side of Lake Wheeler Road, north of Sierra.

It's good to know we have concerned neighbors near by.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

May Meeting Minutes - by Shelley

May 17, 2006, 7pm
1717 Evergreen

Nominations made:

President – Andy Osterlund
Vice President – Jerry Brown
Treasurer – Jim Miller
Secretary – Shelley Habetz

Discussion on expenses:
How to handle funding for meeting notifications, printing fees, stamps, community watch signs, summer party, and other expenses.
It was agreed that group participation is the best way to handle such expenses.
We discussed contributing $10.00 per year per home which would total $150.00 if 15 homes are participating.

Ron mentioned having awards:
An award for the best yard to be given at the cookout

Summer activity/cookout organization to be handled by Julie and Kristen, date to be third weekend in July.

Community watch signs discussed in detail:
We decided upon purchasing 50 stickers, one large sign for the top of the street and one large sign for the bottom of the street.
Cost is $16.94 x 2 for large signs and not sure on the cost for the stickers
Stickers are to be handed out to individual homeowners for putting on the mailbox or applying to a window.
Costs will be paid up front and we will split costs at next meeting.

Discussion on loud music:
Complaints with 1803 Evergreen
Have called with several complaints
Need more information on enforcement of ordinances as officer was not present
Discussed printing a flier to pass out once information is obtained in order to inform residents on ordinances so they will understand legalities up front

Discussed landlord responsibilities for those renting:
Laws have changed in relation to the number of complaints on a residence in relation to sound, how the home is maintained, if there are unsightly materials around the home, and the landlords are now held responsible for such instances.

Discussion on dumping:
In reference to materials dumped at the end of the street.
The issue has been reported to the City of Raleigh Environmental Department, a formal complaint has been made, and the property owners have 30 days to remove the debris and materials (couch, pipe).
If materials are not removed within 30 days the City of Raleigh will remove material
Expect to have resolved by mid to end of July.

Next meeting is third Wednesday in July.

Meeting adjourned.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Arts exhibit advertisement - Elizabeth I: Ruler and Legend

Got this weird art exhibit advertisement this week that the sender thought would interest our neighborhood - here's the info:

"I hope you will consider forwarding this email to your members and help us get the word out about an exciting exhibit about to open at the Cameron Village Regional Library. The exhibit is called “Elizabeth I: Ruler and Legend” and focuses on the brilliant monarch who ruled England from 1558 until 1603. This colorful exhibition explores Queen Elizabeth I’s many accomplishments; the court intrigues that sought to dethrone her, the reasons she never married, her patronage of the arts, and her intense interest in exploring and accessing new lands for England. She was a remarkable woman whose life continues to fascinate and inspire four hundred years after her death. The exhibit will be at the library from June 30 through August 11. The opening celebration begins Friday, June 30 at 5:30 PM with a performance by the Renaissance Faire choir. Then at 6:00 an Elizabeth I impersonator arrives along with members of her court. The queen will lead a procession upstairs to the exhibition room where there will be food and a dance performance."

Monday, May 15, 2006

EANA Meeting - Wednesday, 5/17/06, 7pm, at 1717

Please join us for a long overdue update meeting.

SPECIAL GUEST! Officer Drawn
Answering questions about CLAMPDOWN program for problems with loud music.
ALSO: •Update on Neighborhood Watch signs
•Officer nominations, •Development news,
•Contest ideas, •Come meet your neighbors.

All residents and property owners are welcome.