Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We had a good turnout for our meeting tonight. We were honored to even have L.D.Saferight join us to add his comments and support. Note that Mrs. Saferight is in poor health. Here’s a summary of tonight’s conversation:

- Award medals were distributed to the winners of this summer’s vote. The only winner not present at tonight’s meeting was Angela (1712) who won “Best Landscaping.” Julie (1701) gave a heartfelt acceptance speech as “Best Neighbor” about liking us as much as we liked her.

- We reviewed a crime update, as reported today from Officer Barbie Upchurch:
-- Two arrests were made in a drug-bust at 1923 on October 28. No other illegal activity has been reported at that property since the arrests
-- There have been multiple complaints of stray animals and noise. There were two repossessions.
-- There was a sexual offense at 1811. (I couldn’t get any more information on that.)
-- Office Upchurch recommended watching out for cars and foot traffic going in and out of a property repeatedly. Keep a log of cars and license numbers, and report suspicious activity to the police.

- Jerry (2004) showed us the two neighborhood watch street signs and handed out neighborhood watch window stickers. Jerry and Daniel (1901) will notify the neighbors about when they plan to install the street signs so that we can help as needed. Jerry will distribute the remaining window stickers.

- John (1801) motioned that we reduce the speed limit on Evergreen to 25mph. The speed limit is currently 35mph. Daniel (1901) seconded, and the vote was unanimous. Julie and Daniel will be going door-to-door with a petition to reduce the speed limit. The petition needs to be signed by ¾ of the residents to be passed.

- Treasurer’s report: $40 was deposited after the last meeting. $46 was paid to Jerry for the neighborhood watch signs. Our account balance is $74.

- We discussed a “welcome new neighbor” committee. Julie (1701) opposed the suggestion of buying gifts, but recommended that we meet new neighbors as they come in. Neighbors are to email this group-list to announce new neighbors so we can schedule a time to meet them.

- We discussed the evergreen covenant draft. We agreed that it appears too vague and that we need more professional input. Jerry (2004) will show the draft to some realtor and attorney friends for comment. The goal of the covenant is to express our commitment to our street with hopes of improving conditions and property values.

- Our next meeting is January 17, 2007 at 7pm.