Thursday, May 19, 2005

Wednesday Night at 1717

Special thanks to the folks who showed up for our bi-monthly meeting last night. Our first discussion was about what bi-monthly means! According to the dictionary, it means either twice a month or every two months. We meet every two months.

We did have a good turnout - 12, including residents and non-resident property holders and one prospective property owner.

Following are the issues we discussed:

  • Brooke and Sherry are moving. We need to elect a new vice president.

    • The VP role should continue Sherry's position of watchdog, being alert to crime and being our contact with the police and inspectors.
    • Jerry and Jim and Wendy voiced interest in being involved in watching the street. Jim recommended that we divide the job into top, middle, and bottom of Evergreen. Jerry will take the top, Jim and Wendy the middle, and we'll talk to Julie about watching the bottom.
    • Jerry's name will be listed with Raleigh as our VP.

  • New development and covenants

    • Andy met briefly with an attorney to discover what covenants are and if they can benefit our properties

      • A covenant is a legal document that can establish standards for new development. It only applies to properties whose owners agree to sign it. However, the covenant remains in place if the property is sold or subdivided.

    • Even though covenants don't affect properties retroactively, Jerry noted that we need to start somewhere. Andy agreed that this could be helpful long term.
    • A covenant could require minimum square footages, neighborhood plans approvals, materials, plantings, etc.
    • The group agreed to form a committee to begin writing a covenant for interested property owners. This group includes Jim, Mary, Andy & Kristen, and Nathaniel.

  • Jerry gave report from the last CAC meeting.

    • Possible widening of Lake Wheeler Road to 3 or 5 lanes with sidewalks.
    • Our region has high gang activity - police are focusing on this.
    • Jerry will make sure we're on the CAC mailing list.

  • Crime Updates

    • Drugs continue to be a problem.
    • Andy handed out contact numbers for the local police and inspections.
    • Jerry will look into getting "neighborhood watch" and "slow down" signs.

  • Update on Raleigh ordinances

    • Julie wrote summaries of the ordinances that apply to our neighborhood. Copies of her summaries were passed out. (Julie's summaries will also be posted on this website.)
    • These ordinances are enforceable by calling inspections or the police.

  • Julie wants to organize a social event:

    • "I would like to address possiblity of having a social function for all neighbors for purpose of getting to know each other and increase awareness of problems and to promote working together. A good place to start would be street cleanup.Taking trash bags to pick up trash, clearing away tall weeds, etc. A social could be a watermelon cutting, a covered dish dinner, etc. A small committee could be set up to organize. I will gladly participate."
    • June and Kristen volunteered to help Julie organize the social event.

  • The next meeting will be Wednesday, July 20, 7:30pm, at 1717 Evergreen.